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Our Philosophy

At Football Without Borders, Kenya, we believe that football has the power to change lives.


Our programs are designed to foster positive development in children and young people while promoting healthy lifestyles and social cohesion.


Through our sport-based initiatives, we aim to break down barriers and create opportunities for children and young people from all backgrounds. We provide training in life and employability skills, helping young people to develop the skills and confidence they need to lead a positive life.


Our programs also address a range of social challenges, including drug and alcohol abuse, gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy, and period poverty.

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Our Mission:

To use football as a tool to positively engage children and young people so they can live free from poverty, hunger, discrimination, and abuse.  

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Our Programmes

We run The Football 4 Life/Life On The Ball workshops for all children who join our organization. This forms the basis for all of our programmes and league participation. We incorporate Football3 and other concepts into our programmes:

  • Self Awareness & Accountability.

  • Gender Equality.

  • Agriculture and Sustainable living.

  • Employability Skills.

  • Sexual Health and Teen Pregnancy Prevention.

  • Period Poverty.

  • Mental Health & Resilience.

We work in 25+ schools which totals 2500 children who have access to our programmes. 

Our Football Leagues

  • Female and Male Competitive Leagues.

  • Freedom To Play League (Against Period Poverty).

  • Football 4 Agriculture.

  • Kit 4 Kenya.

  • Mixed-Sex Football.

We work with over 550 children and young people in our football leagues.

We also attend regional, national and international tournaments to give our children and young people opportunities to learn and progress. We also hold tournaments regularly to support local and international humanitarian initiatives.

Our Location

Kisii County, Kenya &

Surrounding Areas

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Our Zones

  • Matieko

  • Rera

  • Nyamondo

  • Ongicha

  • Nyabola

  • Nyabigena

  • Nyahera

  • Onyege

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